Open Data for Data Science

Building trustworthy and efficient collaborations around Open Data for global impact
Our Mission

Our goal is to make data publishing easy and affordable to everyone, to create right incentives for sharing data, to enable global reuse and collaboration around data on the same level as seen in software, and to make real-time clean data readily available to decision-makers, automation, AI and Machine Learning.

Our Solution

Our focus is on technology and infrastructure. We codify best practices and create tools that make following them effortless. We develop novel solutions for decentralized data management that let data stay under control of publishers, and at the same time be readily available to the whole world to derive insight from.

Who We Are

ODDS is an international consortium working at the intersection of open data and data management. Our work supports a diverse group of researchers and organizations who are passionate about unlocking the true potential of Open Data and bringing the worlds to the next stage of data-driven decision making.

Meet Our Founders