ODDS is a technology-first project. We believe that the world has long ago exceeded the amount of guidelines, standards, and policies on data exchange that can be meaningfully understood and applied by any person. We therefore aim at turning all best practices into code and developing technology that makes following them effortless.

The key component of ODDS is the Open Data Fabric (ODF) protocol.

Open Data Fabric is an open protocol specification for decentralized exchange and transformation of semi-structured data, that aims to holistically address many shortcomings of the modern data management systems and workflows.

The goal of this specification is to develop a method of data exchange that would:

  • Enable worldwide collaboration around data cleaning, enrichment, and derivation
  • Create an environment of verifiable trust between participants without the need for a central authority
  • Enable high degree of data reuse, making quality data more readily available
  • Improve liquidity of data by speeding up the data propagation times from publishers to consumers
  • Create a feedback loop between data consumers and publishers, allowing them to collaborate on better data availability, recency, and design.

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